Terms of Use

Updated 03.15.19


If the user plans to use the services of our VPN, then he must fully agree with our terms of service. If you do not agree with any of the clauses of our terms of service, then you cannot use our services.

This agreement is valid until the user decides to stop using the VPN. In addition, the user of Cool VPN is responsible for a stable connection to the Internet in order to use our services. If you do not have a stable internet connect, then we do not take any responsibility for the unstable operation of our services.

You must be at least 18 years old in order to use Beetle VPN. By agreeing to our terms of service, you automatically agree to our privacy policy.

Beetle VPN is great when it comes down to providing security and privacy. The user can be 100% sure that his data is safely encrypted the second he connects to our VPN. This is done in order to protect our users from possible hackers, that may steal your information when you connect to unsecured Wi-Fi hotspots. Not only does it protect you from fraud, but it also lets you hide your activity from the internet provider, so you don’t have to worry about your anonymity. In addition to everything, Beetle VPN is extremely fast, so you won’t notice any lack of speed when you connect to our software.

The user is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of his account. Therefore, if you decide to share your information with unauthorized persons, it will be entirely your responsibility.

License to Use

The license that we give you when using our VPN is limited to a personal non-exclusive license to access our services. In simple words, you agree that you don’t become the owner of our application during the use of our services. The user also agrees that he does not have the right to transfer services to another individual or company, and in case of non-compliance with this clause, we have the right to block his access to the website.

Beetle VPN also uses some cryptographic algorithms, which for various reasons may be prohibited by law in some of the countries. Therefore, if you intend to use our application, you must first familiarize yourself with the legislation of your country to make sure that you won’t have any problems with our application in the future.

The user also undertakes not to make any claims in case of any damage or loss of data when using our application.

The user agrees that all of his activity has to be legitimate while using our services, and it shouldn’t have any slanderous or malicious purpose. If the user has discovered any activity that does not comply with our terms of use, then he is obliged to notify an attorney.

If the user performs actions using our VPN, which contradict our terms of service and legislation, such as:any illegal or fraudulent actions, we reserve the right to revoke your license and suspend your use of our services.

The user agrees that the developers of Beetle VPN can not bear any responsibility for any claims and acquisitions that may arise in case of improper use of our application by the user. The user also agrees not to make Beetle VPN owners liable for any losses and damages taken as a result of the misuse of our application.


Beetle VPN provides its users with a subscription that makes your work on the site a lot more enjoyable. The user is responsible for managing the account subscription setting. We also grant you with a 3-day free trial period. However, if you buy our subscription before your free trial ends, then the unused days of your trial will be forfeited. Your subscription automatically renews each week. You can always turn it off if you wish to do so, but you have to do it at least 24 hours before the end of your active subscription. We debit money from your iTunes account. You can always change your subscription settings however you like simply by clicking on the “Settings” tab.


A cookie is a tiny piece of information that is stored in your browser. Cookies are commonly used by websites and we are not an exception. If you agree to our terms of service, then you automatically agree to use cookies. Cookies are especially helpful when need to collect information about your activities.

Acceptable Use

If you agree to use our services, then you mustn’t do the following:

  • Distribute any virus programs, spyware, as well as any other malicious programs;
  • Share copyright files;
  • Try to steal personal information of our users;
  • Use our service for any illegal and fraudulent activities;
  • Make payments using a card of another individual;
  • Send DDoS attack while using our software;
  • Blackmail or threaten others;
  • Send spam email letters, like mass marketing;
  • Attack our software or our servers;
  • Download and distribute child pornography;
  • Hack others and run unwanted software on their computer
  • Cancellation or Termination of the Server.

Beetle VPN has the right to temporarily block your account or even block it permanently if the user:

  • violates terms of use;
  • violates the law;
  • uses our software in such a way that it harms our services and our partners.

If you do any of the above, you will be held accountable and won’t be able to ask for a refund.

Disclaimer and Warranties

The user should be aware that we take no responsibility if services are unstable, as well as if any errors or viruses are detected. Therefore, you agree to use our application at your own risk. We do not give you any guarantees.

The speed of our servers and their location may vary depending on the speed of your internet and your country of residence. We are trying to do everything possible to provide you with our services at all time. However, our services may be temporarily unavailable in case there is any technical work done on the site. In addition, there are also some factors that do not depend from us, including: third-party service failures, transmission failures, as well as problems with the signal level. Thus, Beetle VPN is not responsible for any delays in the operation of our site, as well as the loss of any information. We can also block any of the sites or limit their use at our own discretion. This is done in order to protect our users against possible malicious programs.

Limitations of Liability

We are never responsible for any direct, indirect or incidental damages that may occur when working with our application, in case of improper use by the user of our application. Even if we were warned in advance about possible damage.

Force Majeure

We are also discharged in cases of any unforeseen circumstances that cannot be controlled, namely: wars, catastrophes, epidemics, natural disasters, and other possible events.


If you have any complaints regarding these terms of use, then all disputes will be resolved in accordance with the laws of the Seychelles.

Contact Beetle VPN

If you have any questions, complaints or suggestions, you can contact our technical support at any time.