Data Policy

Updated 03.15.19


There are plenty of problems with privacy nowadays and we totally understand it. We provide you with this document, so you could understand what to do once you decide to download our Beetle VPN services.

This privacy policy mentions all of the possible concerns the user can have and applies to all of the software provided by Beetle VPN.

If you want to use our software, you first have to read our privacy policy and agree with it, as well as agree to any possible changes in privacy policy in the the future.


Once you turn on the Beetle VPN, it encrypts all of the traffic between our VPN servers and your devices, providing you with a safe experience. It is also worth mentioning that Beetle VPN uses 256-bit Advanced Encryption, as well as HMAC message authentication. These features help you protect your personal data from hackers, when you use public Wi-Fi hotspots. We also ensure you that your internet provider can’t see anything you are doing on the web when you have Beetle VPN turned on. The only thing your internet provider can see is the connection to our VPN server, but nothing more than that.

In addition, we also provide administrative, physical, and technical protection measures that are necessary to protect your information from accidental or unlawful destruction, unauthorized change, accidental loss, unauthorized disclosure or access, misuse, or any other illegal form of processing your personal information.

Personal Information

What Kind of Personal Information Do You Collect?

First of all, we want to make it clear what we mean by “personal information”. It’s any kind of information about the individual. We collect personal information about you from multiple sources. However, you shouldn’t be worried, because we never redistribute your personal information and only use it to improve our website.

In most cases, we inform you whenever you need to provide your personal information, as well as indicate the possible consequences of not doing so. If you do not agree to provide us with your personal information, then you will not be able to use some of the features of our site.

Beetle VPN collects two types of personal information:

  • Personal information that you agree to provide;
  • Personal information that is collected automatically during the use of our services.

We guarantee that all the personal information we collect, including your email address, IP, unique mobile ID, or username will never be associated with any online activities that you do during your work with Beetle VPN. In addition, when you use Beetle VPN, your real IP is stored in an encrypted format, and is automatically deleted after you disconnect from our VPN.

Personal Information You Choose to Give Us

When you use our VPN, we collect personal information that you decided to share with us. For example, if you are going through the registration process or you want to subscribe to our VPN, then you may provide us with your email address. However, please do remember that creating an account is by no means a mandatory process, because you can use our services without registering

Besides, if you make a payment using your credit/debit card, then your personal information will be collected by a third-party payment provider, not by us. Same goes for all other banking methods, such as: PayPal, Google Play Store, as well as Apple App Store. All of your payments are processed by those third parties, so in this case you follow their privacy policy.

You also have to know that if you decide to contact us, then we will receive your personal information as well, including any attachments to your messages, as well as any other information you provide us with.

Personal Information Collected Automatically During the Use of Our Services

Whenever you do any activity on our website, or connect to the Beetle VPN, we collect information about you and your device automatically. Here is a more detailed explanation of the types of personal information we collect about you:

The second you open up our software, even before you connect to the Beetle VPN, we collect all of the information about your device, including: unique mobile ID, operating system, hardware model, language, as well as network information. Your IP address can also be used in order to determine your approximate. However, we never log your personal data, so you have nothing to worry about. All of this information is being collected only to improve our services in the future, as well as perform analytics on our services. Your IP address may also be collected for marketing attribution purposes. Here is how it happens: the second you connect to our software your IP address is being collected and immediately encrypted. It is only stored till the end of your VPN session. It is deleted right away the moment you disconnect from our VPN. Your IP address is never associated with your online activities and it is never stored after disconnecting from the VPN.

We never attribute any specific website visits or use of the application for any particular user. Your online activity logs are never stored by us, and we never link any applications or domains used by you, your device, or email. Websites that you visit using our VPN are combined and stored. This is being done to:1) Perform analytics on our services, namely, we are trying to understand whether our users can successfully access web pages or applications, and if not, we are trying to fix the problem in every possible way; 2) Solve problems that you may have during the use of our site and its services.

When you visit our websites:

We, as well as our partners (such as: Maxmind and Google Analytics) can automatically collect information about you and your device, as well as place cookies, beacons, and other similar technologies in your browser and in emails that we deliver to you. This information can be used to ensure the proper functioning of our website, to determine how many users use our services, and also to prevent all kinds of fraud. If you do not want your personal information to be collected using cookies, you can easily reject the transfer of these files or limit their use using your browser. However, you should understand that if you refuse to use cookies, certain functions of our service may not be available to you. In order to learn more about cookies and how they can be abandoned or limited to their use, you can take a look at Digital Advertising Alliance’s Self-Regulatory Program for Online Behavioral Advertising. You can take a look at it on the following website: You can also get acquainted with the Network Advertising Initiative at

Your IP address is collected during the use of our services, but it is never stored beyond your visit to our website. We need your IP address to determine your approximate location. However, please remember that we delete it the second you exit our website. You can also visit the “When you use Beetle VPN” section to learn more about why we collect your IP address and how we use it.

During the use of our services, your device-specific information is collected as well. These include: unique mobile ID, operating system version, hardware model, language, type of your browser, internet service provider, as well as network information. Once again, we only use this information to troubleshoot problems and improve our services. We use your information to make the website better for you to use.

Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics are also used by our websites to collect and analyze information about the use of the services, as well as report all activities going on on our websites. Both of these services also use cookies. If you want to learn more about Google’s practices, you can visit the following website: You can also download a special Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on here:

All of the information that we collect about our customers has nothing to do with your online activity when you use our services.

How is Your Personal Information Being Used?

We use your personal information to make our website better, as well as provide you with a fantastic safe experience. Here is how we actually use it:

  • To improve and provide new features of our services, provide you with the information you request, as well as provide any support to our users;
  • To understand and analyze general trends in the use of our website, as well as to improve our services and develop new products, features and functionality. We do everything to keep our users happy;
  • To have the opportunity to contact you for administrative and informational purposes. This means providing customer service or sending you email, for example, if our privacy policy tolerates changes;
  • For marketing purposes. We might send you marketing messages, or campaign attribution to attract our users;
  • For our business purposes. This is done to be sure that there is no fraud going on and our users are 100% secure;
  • To be sure that you follow our Terms of Service and agree to our Privacy Policy.

If you are located in the European Economic Area, then your personal information is being operated only in accordance with the law. This include:

  • When we need your personal information to provide our services. For instance, when you are completing the registration process or when you contact the customer support;
  • We have a legal obligation to use your personal information. For example, to enforce our terms and conditions;
  • When we or our third party partners have a legitimate interest in using your personal information. This is done to prevent any possible issues with our services, improve our products, conduct business analytics, as well as do everything that serves best for our users and their security. Your personal information may be processed by our third party partners only if it doesn't override your rights and interests;
  • If you agree to provide us with your personal information.

How do we share your Personal Information?

We share your private information only in accordance with our privacy policy. This is done to improve the work of our website, when we sell our business, or if we have to do so in accordance with the law. Like we have already mentioned before, we never log your personal information, and your IP address is deleted the same second you disconnect from our VPN.

If you are still confused or if you want to know more about how and why we share your personal information, then here is a more detailed description:

We share your personal information with our party service providers which ensure the operation of the site and provide the following services: payment processing, website hosting, information technology, data analysis, email delivery, customer service, online advertising, fraud prevention, auditing, as well as some other services.

When you launch our software, your IP address is also used to determine your approximate location. However, your IP address will be deleted as soon as you leave our website. There is also a significant difference between the free version of Beetle VPN and the premium version of Beetle VPN. If you are using the free version of our software, then we might share your approximate location with the advertisers. However, if you are using Beetle VPN Premium version, then your approximate location will not be collected and shared with the advertisers.

Your personal information may also be shared with a potential acquirer in case we decide to partially or fully sell our business. This also includes bankruptcy and similar processes.

Please remember that your personal information is never required in order to download or use or services. We also never log or store your IP address after the end of your VPN session. Logs about your online activities are never kept either. Hence, we commonly do not have personal information to share with law enforcement.

Nonetheless, your personal information might be shared if required do so by the law or when we consider that such actions are appropriate:

  • in accordance with applicable law, including laws outside your country of residence;
  • to comply with the legal process;
  • respond to requests from public and government agencies, including public and government agencies outside your country of residence;
  • to enforce our terms and conditions;
  • to protect our operations or the operations of any of our branches;
  • to protect our rights, privacy, security or property, as well as the rights of our partners, you or others;
  • allow us to use available remedies or limit the damages we may incur.

Once again, remember that if you the Premium version of Beetle VPN, then none of your information will be shared with the advertisers.

We may use and disclose information that doesn’t identify an individual unless it’s prohibited by the law.

Changes to our privacy policy

Beetle VPN has the full right to change its privacy policy at any given moment, which means that users must sometimes check this page to make sure that they agree with everything. Beetle VPN may also inform its users in case there are any changes to the privacy policy.


If you still have any questions regarding this privacy policy, feel free to contact us any time at